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• Medix Biochemica全资收购了德国创新型高品质分子诊断原料生产商myPOLS Biotec GmbH。

Medix Biochemica has acquired 100 percent of the shares of myPOLS Biotec GmbH, a German manufacturer of innovative and high-quality raw materials in molecular diagnostics. 

• 通过收购myPOLS Biotec,Medix Biochemica全球领先的体外诊断原料产品线得到了补充,并扩展到分子诊断原料领域。

The acquisition of myPOLS  Biotec complements Medix Biochemica's leading portfolio of IVD raw materials and expands its reagent offerings for molecular diagnostics. 

• 本次并购使客户可以从分子诊断相关领域更强的科技专长获益,并进一步加强公司的全球网络。

This acquisition enables customers to benefit from even stronger scientific and technological expertise in molecular diagnostics, and further strengthens the company's global presence.

• 现在您可以从Medix Biochemica的全球销售网络获得所有myPOLS Biotec相关产品。

The full myPOLS Biotec product portfolio will now be available through Medix Biochemica's global sales network.

2022年2月1日,芬兰埃斯波 – 体外诊断关键原料全球领先供应商Medix Biochemica全资收购了myPOLS Biotec GmbH (“myPOLS Biotec”)。通过此次并购,Medix Biochemica拓展了其分子诊断领域的原料产品线,补强了其在该领域的技术能力,并加强了其在西欧的网络。MyPOLS Biotec将成为Medix Biochemica新成立的分子诊断原料业务的重要组成部分,其卓越的运营将保留在德国康斯坦茨继续进行。本次交易完成后, MyPOLS Biotec的所有创始人将继续参与相关业务,并与在康斯坦茨的所有同事一起继续致力于持续创新和分子诊断原料业务的增长。

Espoo, 1 February 2022 - Medix Biochemica, a global leader in critical IVD raw materials, has acquired 100 percent of the shares of myPOLS Biotec GmbH ("myPOLS Biotec"). As a result of the acquisition, Medix Biochemica broadens its portfolio of molecular diagnostic raw materials for the in vitro diagnostics ("IVD") industry, complements its scientific expertise and strengthens its local presence in Western Europe. myPOLS Biotec will form a significant part of the newly established Molecular Diagnostics Business Unit within Medix Biochemica Group, and its high-quality operations will continue in Konstanz, Germany. All founders of myPOLS Biotec will remain involved in the business following the transaction with ongoing commitment to innovation and growth of the molecular diagnostics reagents business together with the site in Konstanz.

“作为独立原料供应商,此次并购是我们实现成为体外诊断行业首选合作伙伴这一愿景的一大步。分子诊断原料于我们而言是关键战略性领域,此次并购将进一步加速Medix Biochemica在此领域的增长。myPOLS Biotec产品线齐全,且有很多独特且创新的分子诊断相关原料,这补充了Medix Biochemica现有产品线。基于myPOLS的技术,我们可以帮助客户缩短其试剂盒开发所需时间、降低复杂性、可以对粗制样本直接进行分子检测而无需抽提、并为通过定制开发为合作伙伴的试剂盒开发提供更高的灵活性。很激动我们有机会为全球合作伙伴提供这些分子诊断原料”,Medix Biochemica首席执行官Steve Ferguson说。

"This acquisition is a great step towards our vision to be the first-choice, independent raw material partner for the IVD industry, and it further accelerates Medix Biochemica's growth in molecular diagnostics reagents business which is a key strategic expansion area for us. The broad portfolio of myPOLS Biotec, including unique and innovative molecular diagnostics reagents, complements Medix Biochemica's existing molecular diagnostics offering. With myPOLS technology, we enable customers to shorten their assay development time and complexity, perform molecular testing directly from crude samples and offer more flexibility to assay development by partnering in  custom development. We are excited about the opportunity to offer these molecular diagnostics products to our global customer base," says Steve Ferguson, CEO of Medix Biochemica. 

“对于加入Medix Biochemica集团我们很兴奋”,myPOLS Biotec首席执行官Ramon Kranaste说道,“我们期待为Medix Biochemica的强劲增长做出贡献,我们也很感谢Medix Biochemica对于产品质量和研发的高度重视。myPOLS团队极强的科研能力、包括其全球最佳的DNA聚合酶,将有力地支持Medix Biochemica实现其长期愿景以及专注于满足体外诊断客户的需求”。

"We are thrilled to join Medix Biochemica Group," says Dr. Ramon Kranaster, CEO of myPOLS Biotec. "We are looking forward to contributing to the strong growth of Medix Biochemica and we appreciate its strong focus on quality and R&D. The high scientific competence of the myPOLS team including best-in-class DNA polymerases, supports Medix Biochemica's long term vision and focus on IVD customers' needs." 


myPOLS Biotec是一个创新型生物技术公司,坐落于德国康斯坦茨,以液体或冻干粉形式为体外诊断和科研领域提供最佳的DNA聚合酶、反应预混液、DNA聚合酶相关试剂盒及试剂。2014年,公司由康斯坦茨大学的科学家创建,并于随后独立运营,专注于为分子诊断领域开发高品质试剂以及原料,为PCR、CRISPR、NGS、等温扩增、各种高难度单核苷酸多态性检测等不同应用提供卓越的定制化DNA聚合酶。2019年4月,myPOLS Biotec通过了ISO 13485:2016认证,其产品和服务得到了世界顶级IVD公司、实验室、研发机构及制药公司的广泛认可。

myPOLS Biotec is an innovative biotechnology company based in Konstanz, Germany, offering best-in-class DNA polymerases, master mixes, DNA polymerase-based assays and reagents in both liquid and lyophilized format for IVD and research use. Founded in 2014, myPOLS Biotec started as a spin-off by scientists from the University of Konstanz, developing high-quality reagents and raw materials for molecular diagnostics by excelling in tailoring DNA polymerases for various applications, such as PCR, CRISPR, NGS and isothermal, and robust SNP detection. Since April 2019, myPOLS Biotec has been certified according to ISO 13485:2016 and its products and services are successfully deployed by leading in vitro diagnostics companies worldwide, as well as laboratories, research organisations, and pharmaceutical companies. 

本次交易完成后,所有的MyPOLS Biotec创始人将继续参与相关业务。Ramon Kranaster和Simone Marx博士将在分子诊断原料业务部门继续担任重要职位,Andreas Marx博士/教授也将作为高级顾问继续服务。

All founders of myPOLS Biotec will remain involved in the business following the acquisition with Dr. Ramon Kranaster and Simone Marx having key operational roles in the Molecular Diagnostics Business Unit and Prof. Dr. Andreas Marx continuing as a Senior Advisor.

关于Medix Biochemica

Medix Biochemica集团是体外诊断行业全球领先的关键原料供应商。我们的使命是帮助IVD合作伙伴为全球亿万患者提供精准的诊断结果。与Medix Biochemica合作,体外诊断试剂生产商可以缩短其产品上市所需时间,这基于我们行业领先的技术和体系,可以提高效率,并使其试剂质量更可靠。这一切的基石是我们对技术深刻的理解、极为丰富且高度相关的产品线、以及对质量的不懈追求。Medix Biochemica在全球有超过240名专业的员工,总部位于芬兰,通过在亚洲、美国、和欧洲的本地团队,我们为全球客户提供服务。

Medix Biochemica Group are a global, market-leading supplier of critical raw materials to the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry. Our mission is to enable IVD customers to deliver accurate results to billions of patients worldwide. By working in partnership with Medix Biochemica, IVD manufacturers can reduce their time to market through our industry-leading expertise which increases efficiencies and builds quality into their tests. We achieve this through our deep scientific know-how combined with the broadest and most relevant raw material portfolio and our relentless focus on quality. Medix Biochemica Group employs more than 240 professionals worldwide. With headquarters in Finland, we serve our worldwide customers through our local teams in the US, Europe, and Asia.


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